On this page, I would like to give a short overview of my Tech Stack.

MERN Stack - Web Applications

I use the MERN Stack for web applications, MERN is an acronym which stands for:

  • MongoDB - the Database
  • Express - the Webserver
  • React - the Front-end
  • Node - the Back-end

Simply put, these technologies help to create scalable applications that are written in the same language on the Front and Back end. This makes development easier, with modern standards. With the help of asynchronous operations and the "magic" of React no page loads are visible, interactions with the server do not require page loads. This results in fast, highly customizable apps that perform similarly to a phone's native application. The user experience is not even comparable to the earlier generations of technologies.

Gatsby.JS - Simple websites like blogs and brand pages, like this!

Gatsby.JS is a React-based static site generator. It helps to create blazing fast webpages by sewing together the best from React and other front-end tools (webpack, react-router, GraphQL). This allows to get the development benefits of React, and also to get the SEO, page load, etc. benefits of a statically generated website.

This makes Gatsby an excellent choice for the online marketing of products or offline services. Google's ranking system is the most crucial for a company's online presence. The most critical sides of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are page speeds and good content. With Gatsby, the fastest possible sites with full control over SEO are possible to be displayed on the top of the search results.

Analyzing any web page's speed with Google's own PageSpeed Insights tool is one click away. Give it a try, it is insightful to see how older generations perform in this area.

Online Marketing - Facebook PIXEL, GOOGLE Analytics

With the optimal setup, these technologies give exceptional quality of insight into a website's audience and promotion. From the age, country, gender to which page and how long was it seen by individual users. Statistics for your team to evaluate, to make better decisions in marketing.

Google ADWORDS and FACEBOOK AD's are today's best advertisement systems. They use sophisticated AI-based algorithms to convey the most likely customers to the given website, but to optimally do so, tracking conversions (when the customer buys a product or signs up to a newsletter) should be set up optimally. This provides feedback to the algorithm to be able to display advertisements to those people who are going to be the most likely customers.

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is a CSS framework to speed up the styling of the front-end of webpages. With its clever design, it is quick and snappy to build mobile-friendly webpages with only a few custom adjustments.